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For our USA donors, we are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible. For donors from other countries, we provide a receipt for all giving at the beginning of January for the previous calendar year's donations.

How to Sponsor 

Our website does not have a way to accept donations at this time, however; sponsorships can be processed through our covering ministry
Go! Global Missions (.org). 

How Much   

Everyone asks how much does it cost to sponsor one of our Uganda Jesus Village family members? The answer is however much you are comfortable giving!

Our costs include: housing, clothing, feeding, educating and taking care of medical needs. Think of how much it costs to be a parent and you get the idea. We hope to find about three sponsors for each one of our teens who can give about $50 US per month. If you can give more, great; if you give less, that is welcome also. One time gifts are deeply appreciated.   

We also welcome sponsors for operating costs such as electric and water bills. If a church, ministry or business could pay one of these bills for either the boy’s or girl’s compounds that would take a burden off the daily operations bills.   

Payment Methods   

Donations can be made through Go! Global Missions on the web store page. We have a secure store that can process debit or credit cards from any country. All prices are in US dollars. (International sponsors may find that their bank or credit card company may charge some exchange rate fee, but our own store does not charge any fees.)

On the Store page of the website, go to Support Our Kids and choose any amount. If you do not see the amount you wish to give, use a combination of amounts to add up to the total you would like to give. When you go through the check out page you will find a place near the end of check out process to write an order comment. In the order comment you can name the teen(s) sponsored or give other instructions for how you would like the money to be used. The website address is Please make sure to use .org as .com is a completely different ministry.   

It is also possible to set up automatic payments of a specific amount on a particular day of the month. Please email [email protected] if you would like to set this up.  

Thank you for your kind interest in our Uganda Jesus Village family of teenagers and young adults!