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About Us

The Uganda Jesus Village (UJV) is a family of 60 youth who were rescued from a refugee camp in Northern Uganda in 2006. This was at a time when a warlord, Joseph Kony, was attacking the Acholi tribe living in the northern part of Uganda. We chose orphans whose lives were in danger and brought them to the capital city, Kampala, in the southern most part of Uganda. 

Our kids are now youth from the ages of 12 to 23. We have 31 boys and 29 girls. All are still in school. We will support our youth until they are finished with their education. We purpose to launch our family out when they are fully equipped to become successful citizens of their Acholi tribe, Uganda and the Kingdom of God.

Check out our blog page to find articles about various aspects of running a youth home for 60 great teens and young adults. 

We are supported through charitable donations. To make a donation go to the following link:


Mengo, a suburb of the capital city - Kampala

Uganda, East Africa